Five Syllogisms on Online Learning #change11

1. Student learning should be the priority of educators.
2. Online courses are environments created for student learning.
3. More online courses are created each year by educational institutions.
4. Student learning in online environments should be one priority of educators.

1. Learning can occur in any environment.
2. Learning can occur in online courses.
3. The environment has an effect on learning.
4. The environment in online courses is different than in traditional courses.
5. Educators must focus on environmental differences between online and traditional courses in order to make learning possible in online courses.

1. The medium is the message.
2. The medium of online learning is different than in traditional courses.
3. The message of online courses is different than in traditional courses.
4. Online courses are different than traditional courses.
5. Traditional courses cannot be uploaded into online courses without everything changing.
6. The best approach is to design courses specifically for the medium of online learning.
7. Educators must become designers.

1. Learning can happen anywhere.
2. A student enrolled in a traditional course could, for example, learn more at home, in office hours, in discussion outside of class, researching a project in his own, or while sleeping in or outside of class.
3. In-class seat time is not required for learning.
4. In-class seat is often required for credit.
5. In-class seat time might be required for some students to learn.
6. Some students are some students, not all students.

1. Some traditional, large lecture courses have little or no interaction between students and instructors.
2. Students attending the lecture are essentially watching a large video screen.
3. Students cannot pause or rewind the instructor.
4. Online or web blended versions of that exact same course will foster more learning on average.
5. If online courses can foster as much or more learning than a traditional, large lecture course with little of no interaction between students and instructors, their value is unquestionable.
6. I’m not sure the bar has been set high enough in this instance.

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