My Publications

Available Online

Toward a Humanities of Global Consciousness at Evolutionary Landscapes

A review of Nick Courtright’s Punchline.

A recent article about Joseph Campbell and the Singularity at Beams and Struts

Read some of my writing at McSweeney’s Internet Tendencherehere, and here.

Prose poetry at Double Room is found here  and here.

A prose poem at In Posse Review is found here.

Visit Junct Blog for posts on education and technology.

My as-of-yet homeless manuscript The Clem System was selected as a finalist for the Sentence Book Award in 2010.

Here is a somewhat complete list of my publications:

“‘Donkey Kong: Simulation and Simulacra’ from the Unpublished Archives of Jean Baudrillard,” Curiosity: Illustrated Quarterly, Summer 2010

“An American Blue Comrade’s Didactic Evisceration….” An Introduction to the Prose Poem, an anthology by Firewheel Editions, 2009

“Partial Index of First Lines From The Academy of American Sciences Presents: Famous Love Poems Enhanced by 21st-Century Research Findings,” McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, March 2009

“Maslow’s Hierarchy of Sandwiches,” McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, 2008

“The Philosophy of Breakfast,” The Foghorn, March 2008

“Michael Vick’s Defense,” Kadar Koli, Vol. 2, Habenicht Press, Spring 2008

“Dirty Diapers,” In Posse Review, Issue 24, 2007

“Clem and Pennies (Or Why Pennies Are the Official Currency of Clem),” Quarter After Eight, volume 14, 2007

“An American Blue Comrade’s Didactic Evisceration….” Sentence, Issue 5, Fall 2007

“G=E=O=R=G=E=W=W=B=U=S=H,” Kadar Koli, Vol. 1, Habenicht Press, Spring 2007

“A Brief Cosmology Detailing Earth’s Formative Growth,” Kadar Koli, Vol. 1, Habenicht Press, Spring 2007

“About,” Kadar Koli, Vol. 1, Habenicht Press, Spring 2007

“The 13th Hour Session: Discussions on the Rapture Debacle,” McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, 2006

“The Myth of Solidity,” Measure: An Annual Review of Formal Poetry, Vol. 1, 2006

“Clem Keeps the Letter E,” Effing Magazine, Issue 4, 2006

“Waxing Bees,” Northwest Review, Vol. 44, #1, 2006

So Quietly the Earth by David Lee,” a book review, Southwest American Literature, Vol. 31, #1, Fall 2005

 “God’s Consultant,” Double Room, Issue 4, Spring 2004

“Could the Chinese Masters be Wrong about Doughnuts?” Double Room, Issue 4, Spring 2004

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